It's amazing to think that automakers are already competing to outdo the gorgeous

But in the realm of the ideal electric sedan, technology advances at the same rate as these vehicles.

The EQS is a stunning car that established the standard, but BMW and Lucid want you to know 

that they're also competing to be the best super sedan for over $100,000.

The Lucid Air is a commanding object. In person, it is larger than it seems in photographs.

 It also sports the classic electric sedan appearance, complete with no grille up front and wheel coverings

BMW's iconic two-kidney grill is inextricably woven into the company's design.

Thus, the i7 has two enormous However, the BMW resembles the gas-powered model quite a bit,

 so it won't draw as much attention as one of Lucid's spacecraft might.

Style is always a personal choice. BMW is making sure the purists are aware that the vehicle is from Bavari

 all-electric spaceship design of future automobiles. Arizona produces lucids.

The BMW has a truly Insane amount of space in back with 42 inches of legroom.

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