The Tesla Model 3 is finally receiving a makeover after years of manufacturing.

No, the new Model 3 isn't the start of a whole new nameplate generation.

 Instead, this is a fundamental redesign that far outperforms the Model 3. 

 This updated Model 3, which now tops several global EV sales rankings, aims to build on its current

Which of the latest Tesla Model 3's modifications do you think is best?

Here is all the information you want on the three most significant improvements made to the new

the Model 3 needs to outperform rival EVs from Hyundai, Kia, and other popular brands.

Of course, this makeover required a few minor adjustments to the Tesla Model 3's body. 

The Model 3's front end has been rounded off for both aesthetic and aerodynamic reasons

The headlights have also undergone a design change, becoming thinner while also becoming more pronounced

The taillights have arguably been refined even more than the headlights. 

These taillights look quite a bit more dynamic in design and are no longer split into two parts.

 The entire taillight assembly now raises with the trunk when opened.