Another setback for the Elon Musk-owned social media network came on Monday

when Australia fined the firm formerly known as Twitter $610,500 Australian dollars ($386,000)

for "falling short" in revealing information about how it addresses child sex abuse content.

Only a few days prior, the European Commission had already issued a warning regarding misinformation 

unlawful content on its platform related to the Israel-Hamas conflict and had formally begun an inquiry against X.

The internet safety watchdog in Australia, the e-Safety Commission, said in a statement 

sufficiently addressed a number of inquiries on how it was addressing the issue of child abuse materials.

The commission accused the platform of not providing any response to some questions, 

leaving some sections entirely blank or providing answers that were incomplete or inaccurate.

“Twitter/X has stated publicly that tackling child sexual exploitation is the number 1 priority