Despite the problems facing Tesla’s Self-Driving mode

rival manufacturer Ford is looking to capitalize on the automated craze

It has launched its own version called BlueCruise, and published a YouTube video talking through

the steps required to get the system operating and how it works.

The Blue Oval will be looking to take advantage of the issues Tesla has faced and show 

Ford says that the FordPass app is first required, and it will then ask you to add your vehicle's VIN

Once that is then registered, you activate the Connect Modem. 

This is before turning on the lane-centering function with hands-free. 

This is under the settings menu, where you go into Driver Assistance and then select adaptive cruise control.

After that, whenever you enter a Blue Zone, a pop-up appears on your heads-up display

That says “Blue Cruise available” and it then says that you press the adaptive cruise control button to activate it.

Ford claims that the system reduces the stress of driving and frees up the driver to do other things. 

However, the systems have come under intense fire from authorities such as the NHTSA.