Have you ever observed a contentious argument between novice automobile owners

industry professionals on a topic on which they just can't seem to agree?

the Lucid Air community has been experiencing just that recently.

The discussion between those who possess it and those with the most expertise in it is growing

These aficionados have a shared admiration for this unique automobile, 

 but they can't seem to agree on a key point. So what is the root of this dispute?

Owners of the Lucid Air reported a number of qualities in the J.D. Power APEAL research

but their happiness with the vehicle's driving dynamics stood out above the others. 

They said that the Lucid Air had excellent lightness and quick handling, and it handled like a dream

The car's cutting-edge technologies and opulent interior also won many owners.

Despite Lucid Air receiving good marks overall, the survey revealed that "getting in and out"

The Lucid Air scored the lowest rating among the all-electric cars assessed in this area

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