futuristic Tesla EV instead of your current ICE-powered vehicle? Do you now own a Tesla?

First of all, now is a fantastic moment to think about the switch, especially with a new and improved Model 3 

But first, as with any electric vehicle, there are some crucial details you should be aware of, 

such how frequently the battery needs to be replaced and how much it will cost when that time comes

as the price to replace a worn-out or malfunctioning Tesla battery can vary significantly

The battery can be characterized by its kWh output; the larger the figure, the greater the battery's range and capacity.

The Tesla Model 3 contains the battery with the smallest capacity, which is why it is the cheapest to replace,

Owners of Model 3 vehicles shouldn't celebrate or breathe a sigh of relief just yet, either, as these battery packs

That's not all either, as the average hourly wage at Tesla is roughly $175, so once you account for $2,000 

Model S owners should rightfully now be shaking nervously, but don't worry, 

it's not excessively more for the larger batteries, although it's still no pocket change

The labor costs differ here too, likely as the job is more intensive

 so factor in a rough cost of $20,000 for a full battery pack replacement in a Model S Tesla.