One of the hardest areas for companies to excel in is the compact SUV category. 

The competition is fierce, and certain brand names have consistently ranked first for long periods of time.

So, how might a brand interfere with rankings? They must launch a product that is nothing short of revolutionary. 

The ideal electric car is undoubtedly the compact electric SUV from Tesla.

Tesla has a lengthy history of fluctuating prices. This is brought on by the availability of configurations

Tesla is still the new kid on the block compared to established manufacturers like Toyota and Ford,

despite being around for decades. Consumers have had buying difficulties as a result 

This year, the Model Y topped its market for a variety of reasons, but one of them was the release 

model that was more reasonably priced. Since Tesla no longer offered a basic model, it had been a while. 

Consumers were really frying with oil when the federal electric car tax credit was taken into account.

The base model’s lower price combined with the tax credit made the small electric SUV 

Naturally, it sold like hotcakes and continues to sell well. 

The 2023 Tesla Model Y Base starts at $47,740. After the incentive, its starting price is closer to $40,240.