The Tesla Model S and X are the most talked-about premium electric automobiles. 

However, new electric rivals like the ground-breaking Lucid Air might cause Tesla's hegemony to wane.

Even with the promise of a single-charge range that defies expectations, Lucid Motors' 

empirical proof EV advocates need to prevail in barroom discussions about adoption. 

The Air Grand Touring, one of the premium models available under the moniker,

 The Grand Touring is the longest-legged EV on the market, with an EPA-estimated range of 516 miles. 

That's fantastic news for anyone looking for a premium electric vehicle with a leading range in the market,

The Grand Touring's 112-kWh battery pack also contributes to its excellent range.

Even better, according to Car and Driver, the Air Grand Touring has DC rapid charging

Even the base Pure's 410-mile single-charge range is more than enough to surpass the projected 405-mile range 

 As a consequence, competing EVs in the premium electric vehicle sector can't really compete

While the Lucid Air’s range is impressive and segment-leading, it might not deliver figures 

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