Seriously, Lucid? You believe that painting one of your enormous, rolling sculptures worth $90,000

We're even prepared to wager that it will make a Lucid Air sedan stand out even more

With a brand-new Air package dubbed the Stealth Appearance, Lucid is capitalizing

Although we don't believe it will really make the vehicle any more stealthy, 

we do believe it is yet more indication that Lucid wants to be seen as the anti-Tesla electric vehicle manufacturer.

One of the most popular electric vehicles on the market is the Air from Lucid Group. 

But purchasers demand customizing possibilities, just like with any high-end vehicle.

In this instance, the Air Grand Touring and Air Touring sedans may be upgraded with the Stealth 

 As a result, Lucid Airs will now be part of the army of darkened Dodge Chargers and Kia Nightfalls.

25 external automobile parts are modified under the Stealth Package.

 Essentially, this implies that instead of the platinum hue of standard Airs, they are painted flat

Along with the lower body trim and the trim surrounding the headlights and taillights

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