About two months from now, the Dodge Charger as it is now will be discontinued. 

December 2023 will mark the formal end of an era for Dodge's current muscle cars.

By revealing the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept, a next-generation electric concept,

The Drive, citing an unnamed source, reports that the gasoline engine would likely remain in Dodge's

This is an interesting development since the company has stated that it will

maintain the tradition of muscle cars, but it hasn't revealed any ICE-powered choices yet

Because of this, some have concluded that the Dodge Charger is only going to be an electric car.

They will now be happy to learn that there will still be a gasoline-powered version of their cherished

When Dodge announced that the Charger and Challenger were nearing the end of their current forms,

some people were optimistic that this change only applies to the existing models and engines.

After all, these muscle cars don't currently feature Stellantis' newest engine, the Hurricane,

 The report from The Drive confirms that Dodge is not phasing out gasoline-powered units