Though you may not be familiar with it yet, Lucid Motors is a car manufacturer with lofty goals. 

 The Air is the first new vehicle produced by Lucid Motors, an EV company. 

Recently, J.D. Power published a review of the Air, and so far, the review website has nothing but positive

When a new car is introduced, a lot of people wonder how well it will hold up. 

Review websites like J.D. Power are fast to evaluate it thoroughly and estimate how customers would react. 

The Lucid Air is now receiving high accolades for its appearance, functionality, and of course, EV range.

The Lucid Air is opulent and equipped with cutting-edge technology

but its driving performance is what actually elevates it to the top of my list of all-time favorite

I was amazed at how quiet and sprightly the Air drove as soon as I got behind the wheel.

But I wasn't expecting the magnitude of acceleration when I initially planted my foot on the ground

The Lucid Air has also received positive reviews from customers. The engine, external design

and driving experience were the top three qualities that customers liked most.

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