Forbes Reveals America’s Richest in 2023: Elon Musk Maintains Top Spot Despite Record Loss

A Glimpse at the Diverse Fortune-Building Ventures Across Forbes’ Rich List

From the realms of technology to sports franchises and the burgeoning cannabis industry, Forbes’ latest compilation of the 400 richest people in the United States for 2023 spans a multitude of businesses and industries.

Forbes Reveals America’s Richest in 2023: Elon Musk Maintains Top Spot Despite Record Loss

Elon Musk: Holding the Throne

Despite recently earning a Guinness World Record for the most substantial wealth loss, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk continues to reign supreme, securing the coveted No. 1 position. The tech tycoon, who co-founded six companies, including the tunneling startup, The Boring Company, remains a force to be reckoned with, with a net worth of $251 billion, as per Forbes’ real-time assessment.

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Familiar Faces at the Pinnacle

Joining Musk are perennial figures such as Microsoft magnate Bill Gates and Facebook’s founding figure, Mark Zuckerberg. Both stalwarts grace the top 10 this year, securing the No. 6 and No. 8 positions, respectively.

A New Entrant: Michael Jordan

Making his debut on the list in 2023 is none other than former NBA icon Michael Jordan. The basketball legend, who clinched the No. 379 spot, boasts a net worth of $3 billion, catalyzed by the finalization of his majority stake sale in the Charlotte Hornets in August.

Aged Wealth and Young Blood

The top 10 list features individuals aged between 39 and 93, collectively amassing a staggering $1.329 trillion in wealth as of the latest business day.

Remarkably, the Forbes 400 did not feature any women at the very top, although three prominent women appear within the top 20. Among them, Alice Walton, 73, the daughter of Walmart’s founder, Sam Walton, ranks at No. 14, boasting a substantial net worth of $66.5 billion. Meanwhile, her brothers, Jim and Rob Walton, claim the No. 12 and No. 13 spots, respectively.

Additionally, the list introduces a new Walton heir. Aged 37, Lukas Walton, Sam Walton’s grandson, clinches the title of the youngest wealthiest person in the U.S., securing the No. 34 position with a net worth of $24.2 billion.

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A Tale of Centenarians

The elder statesman on the Forbes 400 list is the 100-year-old former chairman of Dole Food Products, David Murdock, situated at No. 338 with a net worth of $3.4 billion.

Several notable figures from previous editions did not make the cut this year. Notably absent are former President Donald Trump, the co-founders of crypto exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried and Gary Wang, as well as Snapchat’s co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy.

In the ever-evolving landscape of wealth, Forbes’ annual list provides a glimpse into the diverse pathways of fortune-building endeavors across the United States.

Elon Musk tops the 10 wealthiest people in America

  1. Elon Musk, 52. Net worth: $251 billion. Source: Tesla, SpaceX
  2. Jeff Bezos, 59. Net worth: $161 billion. Source: Amazon
  3. Larry Ellison, 79. Net worth: $158 billion. Source: Oracle
  4. Warren Buffett, 93. Net worth: $121 billion. Source: Berkshire Hathaway
  5. Larry Page, 50. Net worth: $114 billion. Source: Google
  6. Bill Gates, 67. Net worth: $111 billion. Source: Microsoft
  7. Sergey Brin, 50, Net worth: $110 billion. Source: Google
  8. Mark Zuckerberg, 39. Net worth: $106 billion: Facebook
  9. Steve Ballmer, 67. Net worth: $101 billion. Source: Microsoft
  10. Michael Bloomberg, 81, Net worth: $96.3 billion. Source: Bloomberg LP
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