Metro Bank Shares Experience Volatility Amid Debt and Equity Raising Efforts

Trading Suspensions Triggered as Stock Plummets More Than 29%

Metro Bank’s Tumultuous Session: Shares of Britain’s Metro Bank underwent two brief trading suspensions early on Thursday in a highly volatile session that saw the stock plummet by over 29% from its previous close. After these suspensions, trading resumed shortly after 9:00 a.m. London time. The London Stock Exchange, where the stock is listed, confirmed that these halts were triggered by their circuit break mechanisms due to the extent of the sharp drop.

A close-up of a sign of Britain’s Metro Bank.

Debt and Equity Raising Efforts

The tumultuous trading activity coincided with reports suggesting that Metro Bank was in the process of raising £600 million (approximately $727 million) in both debt and equity. As a challenger bank launched in 2010, Metro Bank currently holds a market capitalization of under £100 million.

Metro Bank released a statement indicating that it is actively exploring options to bolster its capital resources, with a particular focus on a £350 million bond set to mature in October 2025.

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Unusual Trading Volume

Notably, investors witnessed an unusually high trading volume of more than 1.6 million Metro Bank shares immediately after the stock market opened on Thursday, a significant departure from the typical trading pattern where fewer than 100,000 Metro Bank shares exchange hands per hour.

Significant Decline in Share Value

Metro Bank shares have experienced a sharp decline, shedding approximately two-thirds of their value since mid-February. This recent bout of volatility and capital-raising efforts underscore the challenges faced by Metro Bank as it navigates the current financial landscape.

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